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Task 1
     When I think of defining words, I immediately think of a dictionary. Instructional Technology is not found in the dictionary, however instructional and technology is. Therefore, the best way to define Instructional Technology is to look at each of its words separately.

Instructional (adjective)
The act of imparting knowledge or practical skills.
     [According to Webster, anyway.]

Technology (noun)
The scientific method and material used to achieve a commercial or industrial objective.
     [Also according to Webster.]

Instructional Technology (noun)
The act of imparting knowledge or practical skills about the scientific method and material used to achieve a commercial or industrial objective.
     [I think this is what Webster would have written if he combined the two words.]

     Since Instructional Technology is a relatively new field, there is not an exact, agreed upon definition. Of course, there is the possibility that there will also never be one. So it is up to each individual person to define Instructional Technology in his or her own way. With that being said, my definition comes directly from the melding of Webster's definitions of instructional and technology.

     I have broken down the combined definition into four parts to further illustrate my point. Since education is a significant part of the field of Instructional Technology, it is only fitting that teaching is a major aspect of this field. Specifically, the first part of the definition refers to teaching and guiding learners along their own learning paths. The second part of the definition, scientific method, is analogous to Instructional Design. The scientific method is the process of following a series of logical steps in order to reach an objective. Instructional Design also follows the idea of approaching a problem rationally through a series of methodical steps. Instructional Design is a major aspect of the field, Instructional Technology. The third part of the definition, scientific materials, refers to the specific elements of technology that are utilized in an educational setting. When utilized properly, technology can be incorporated into the curriculum and have an overwhelming level of success. Finally, the fourth part of the definition, to achieve a commercial or industrial objective, refers to the overall goals of education, which are effective teaching and successful learning.

     Furthermore, my definition as a whole can be stated as: The study and practice of effectively using instructional methods and technology, in any form, to be an effective teacher and promote successful learning. Throughout my studies in this program I hope to be able to master these skills so that I will be able to one day apply them to my future career(s).








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